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Solstice Canyon (Rising Sun Trail)

Solstice Canyon is a staple in our hiking repertoire as it should be in yours. The great thing about this little hike is that it can be an easy hike to take the whole family on. Or you can do the Rising Sun Trail which is a bit more challenging as instead of walking through the valley, you head up to the mountains. I love this hike as it is a fast easy local hike that is very rewarding. The canyon itself, if you stick to hiking the valley is incredibly beautiful. It follows a lovely Read more [...]

Snoqualmie Tunnel (Seattle, WA)

I am walking as if in a dream. The mid morning sun makes the sweat on my skin begin to break out. I look around me and notice that I am with friends, better yet I am with family. We are laughing our spirits are strong like the sun. Until suddenly near the entrance of the tunnel we feel it....a frigid wind, that enshrouds us in a light fog. We all stop talking and stare in awe at the massive entrance to the old railroad tunnel. Our laughter catches in our throats as we see the impossible Read more [...]

Eaton Canyon Falls

Every year, since I was very young, my family and I would make a pilgrimage to Niagra Falls. If you have ever been there you know that it is absolutely breathtaking. The water from the falls is so frighteningly powerful, ruthlessly pounding down over the bedrock making it the most powerful waterfall in North America. Up top near the shoreline of the Niagra River, my mom would always tell me to place my hands in the water to cleanse myself and also to feel the water's energy. It had a very Read more [...]