Devil’s Punchbowl

We did this hike in the winter and at the end it was SO unforgivingly cold. I have never been one who likes the cold. In fact I hate the cold like some kids hate vegetables. Yeah that’s right you have to drag me kicking and screaming to get me to do it! But despite my abhorrence to the cold I loved this hike. The San Andreas fault line jutting out of the earth like a mighty wave of rock is so bizarre and stimulating to the imagination.

Several miles into this hike we were also rewarded with hundreds of ravens gliding on the hot air currents. These highly intelligent and curious birds flew only a few feet away from us to have a look at what they were dealing with. Most of them just threw a low rattling caw at us and flew away disgusted at our lack of feathers, or was it our lack of wings and a beak? We were too cold and determined to care and pressed on through the ice and snow to Devil’s Highchair.

Beautiful views, heart pounding hike on the edge of a cliff with slips and scares all the while. Seven and a half miles later when we flipped the heater on in my friends Mazda hatchback we both let our a long ahhhhhhh at the warming that followed.

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