Solstice Canyon (Rising Sun Trail)

Solstice Canyon is a staple in our hiking repertoire as it should be in yours. The great thing about this little hike is that it can be an easy hike to take the whole family on. Or you can do the Rising Sun Trail which is a bit more challenging as instead of walking through the valley, you head up to the mountains. I love this hike as it is a fast easy local hike that is very rewarding.

The canyon itself, if you stick to hiking the valley is incredibly beautiful. It follows a lovely clear stream the entire way which makes everything green and lush. Because of its beauty and accessibility, in 1952 a wonderful home was built there by renowned African American architect Paul R. Williams. His brilliant design incorporated a water pump system to protect the home from fires. However after the death of the owner Fred Roberts the home was lost in the 1982 Dayton Canyon Fire. But this only adds to the charm of the hike. The old skeleton of the home still remains and when you see it you can imagine what it must have looked like. There is also a placard with an original photo of the house. It sits next to a lovely creek.

This is such a great hike to take someone to introduce them to hiking. There are bathrooms and as it is a National Park, free parking. It is not challenging physically but it is a lovely hour plus hike just to get out of the city and see some outstanding natural beauty as well as a bit of history!

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