Coachella Valley Oasis

As a kid we all love pretending that ordinary things were magical. A pile of sofa cusions were now a palace or fort, or the front porch of the house suddenly transformed into a spaceship. This is precisely what we felt when we visited the Coachella Valley Oasis. When you arrive you see palm trees in the middle of the desert. As if your imagination could not contain your secret desire that something in the arrid landscape would change and become magical.

The hike itself is fascinating as you walk from oasis to oasis. A swampy oasis at the beginning that is lined with low bridges that opens up into sandy desert trails. Finally at the end of our trail another oasis with a deeper pool. Strange smells, ancient palms, and an array of plants and birds alike all assault you upon arrival. It is truly a unique and intriguing getaway from ordinary that opens up your imagination and leaves you feeling very satisfied.

Definitely go into the 1930’s palm tree log cabin at the entrance of the park. There friendly docents will give you tips on which hikes to take, tell you the history of the oasis, tell you all about palm tree, and show you all kinds of interesting beetles and animals that reside in the many palms.

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