One dark and fateful night, two years ago, Enrico and I found ourselves stuck on the side of a mountain. With neither the moon (nor good common sense to have packed a flashlight) we raced down the mountainside admist the hooting of owls and distant coyotes. We were soon joined by another inexperienced hiker who was noticeably relieved to find that he was not alone in his folly. We were all frightened and with good cause. But our adventure ended happily. We managed to find our way down without any major mishaps, just our heart’s pounding in our chests and bodies awash with relief (and perspiration!) at the sight of the parking lot lights.

But in that total blackness of the forest trail we each found something. An intense awareness of self. A feeling of belonging to the wild surroundings from which we once sprung. The silent movements of three people whose senses have come alive was hypnotizing. Our focus seemed more intensified. Our natural instincts took over. These instincts compelled us at one point to stop together, without a word, to listen at a suspicious sound. Or to grasp at each other in relief when the danger was past. Nature had called to us, embraced us. We left that night with a profound respect for her.

Being one with nature has given us so much. Both renewed energy and creativity. And a real sense of belonging and satisfaction. So because we feel so passionate about our adventures, we decided to share them. Though we are still novices we hope our blog provides you with some excellent trails, tips and insight. Also, if you are going hiking and it is an unfamiliar place please remember to equip yourselves with the ten essentials. Trust us when we say you really do not want to be stuck on the side of a mountain in the middle of a cold black night unprepared!


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